Dress in layers for Alaska outdoor fun

There are a ton of fun outdoors events coming up this month, including Winter Trails day, Fur Rondy, Ski 4 Kids and more.  You can visit my calendar at www.valesa.com/calendar for a list of events.

During these outdoor events it’s crucial to dress for the weather.  In February the Anchorage weather can vary from snow to sub zero temperatures to freezing raiKeep your baby warm with wooln.  Layers are very important, especially for active events like skiing, hiking, or snowshoeing.  Your children are especially subject to hypothermia or frostbite because of their small size, plus they get so excited and involved in activities they forget to let you know when they are cold.

When I take my little ones out, I first dress them in wool long johns.  Wool is a great material for Alaskan winters since it stays warm even when it’s wet, from rain, melting snow, or sweat.  Polypropylene is also a common material, and so are polar fleece and silk.  Avoid cotton…the saying up here is that cotton kills.  It doesn’t insulate well, and when it gets wet you get cold.  Jeans are one of the worst items to wear outside in Alaska.

I also have wool socks for myself, my kids, and my husband.  I put 2 layers of wool socks on the baby since she’s not active outside, as well as wool socks over her hands.  Then she gets put in a fleece snowsuit.  If it’s really cold, I’ll add a fleece vest under the snowsuit.  My son gets wool socks, insulated snow pants, and an insulated coat with a hat, boots, and mittens.

If it’s breakup time when it’s wet but still cold out, wool long johns are great under rain pants and a raincoat to keep yourself or your kiddos warm.

Always remember to bring a spare set of warm, dry clothes when you are out and about.  You never know when you’ll need them!

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