Be Bear Aware this Spring

It’s springtime in Alaska, and it’s time to be bear aware.  There’s still snow on the ground, but black bears have been spotted in Anchorage.  There’s been a sighting at Baxter Bog, and I’m sure more sightings are coming soon.  In Anchorage, we mostly see black bears, but you will run across a few brown bears, especially on wilderness trails near salmon streams.

The number one part of being bear aware this spring is to remember to take down your bird feeders!  Ours is coming down this weekend.  Hungry bears will raid your bird feeders.

Remember to bring pet food inside.   If you feed your dogs outside, bring any left over food inside.   Bears are also fans of raiding your garbage, so don’t take your garbage cans to the curb until garbage day.  Not only does this make our neighborhoods safer, but you can get a hefty fine from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game if you leave out bird feeders, pet food, or garbage.

Also remember to make noise while hiking, or even walking around your neighborhood.  Many Anchorage neighborhoods have resident bears, or the occasional visiting bear.  You Black bear up a treedon’t want to surprise them, or you may be in for a nasty surprise yourself!  Carrying bear spray is also good practice while out and about in Alaska.  In more remote areas, especially while on fishing trips, a shotgun or other appropriate weapon is good insurance.

This little guy was in our neighbor’s tree just a couple of summers ago.  He may be small, but even young bears are quite strong and have sharp claws!

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