Watch out for moose with calves

It’s that time of year again.  The mama moose are running around with new babies, which is the most dangerous time to have a moose encounter.  Living in Alaska my entire life, I’ve had a number of moose run-ins, but the only time I was seriously charged by a moose was when I came around a corner and startled a mama moose with her calf.  This was in my neighborhood walking around the block,  so don’t think you’re safe just because you’re in the city!

If you are out walking and see a moose, just back up and walk the other way.  Also

A mama and baby moose in my garden

This was a mama and baby moose that visited my garden a few years ago

remember not to feed the moose.  Feeding moose can make them aggressive.  They may chomp on your garden, but don’t yell and throw things at them, or anything else that might make them mad.  You may be safe, but they can take out their aggression on the next person or dog that comes along.  And trust me, these are HUGE animals and can easily kill you if you aren’t careful.

Normally moose are fairly safe, just take care to not startle them or get between a mama and her baby.

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