Halloween “finger” food; Easy door decoration; Prune your trees

In this Biweekly wisdom video, I share with you an easy to make, healthy Halloween “finger” food:  Monster fingers made with string cheese!  They are easy, creepy, and fun to serve at any Halloween get together (or even for a scary movie night!).  I also show you a simple Halloween decoration to decorate your door.

The early snows hit my apple tree hard this year.  We had a heavy, wet snow in September while the leaves were still on the tree, and this broke off several branches.  Add this to the damage from last year’s record breaking snow fall, and the huge windstorms we’ve had, and several of my trees needed help.  This is a great time to prune your trees, before we get a heavy snow.  Any wind, snow, or moose damage needs to be pruned away to keep your trees healthy.

Enjoy the video!


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