Is your home ready for winter?

Last year we had record snow falls here in Anchorage.  Are you ready for winter?  There are some simple things you need to do to prepare your home for winter.

  1. Caulk around windows and doors to eliminate drafts and save energy.
  2. Close your crawlspace vents
  3. Make sure your garden hose has been disconnected.  Leaving your hose connected can make the hose bib freeze and the pipes can burst, causing water damage and creating a big mess.
  4. Have your heating system cleaned, serviced and inspected.  Your heating system works hard all winter long, especially when it’s 20 below zero.  Make sure it is in optimal condition so it keeps you warm this winter.
  5. If you have a forced air heating system, make sure to change your furnace filters.  They should be changed at least every 2 months during the heating season.
  6. Have the chimney cleaned on your fireplace or woodstove.  This is important to do every year or so to reduce risk of chimney fires.
  7. Reverse your ceiling fan.  In the summer, you want your ceiling fans blowing cool air.  In the winter you can reverse the direction to move the warm air around and circulate it through your home.
  8. Make sure you have adequate insulation in the attic.  Last year a lot of homes had ice damming as a result of all the snow.  You need a combination of plenty of insulation, along with air space and air flow to keep your attic cool and keep ice dams from forming.  If you use blown in insulation, make sure you have baffles in place so the soffit vents aren’t covered.
  9. If you have a snowblower, make sure you have it tuned up and ready for winter, and have enough gas on hand to get you through a few heavy snows.
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