Winter is nearly here…10 tips to make sure your home is ready!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter is nearly here.  We’ve alreasnowy exterior photody had an early snowfall last weekend.  There are several things you should be doing now to prepare for winter.

1)  Make sure to disconnect your garden hose from the hose bib.  When it gets below freezing, your hose can freeze causing your hose bib to crack and flood your basement or your crawlspace.

2)  Make sure your gutters are clear.  We’ve had a lot of leaves falling lately, and it’s easy for your gutters to get clogged.  This can lead to dripping and ice damming during the winter.

3)  Close your crawlspace vents.  Every spring you should open your vents, and every fall close them.

4)  Caulk around windows & doors to keep out drafts.  You can light a candle and hold it in front of any windows or doors to find out where you have drafts.

5)  Get your furnace or boiler cleaned, serviced, and inspected.  Your heating system works hard during the winter, and you want to make sure it’s in tip top shape.  If you have a furnace, make sure to change your filters at least every 2 months during the winter.

6)  Get your snow blower ready, if you have one.  This is the time to tune up your snow blower, and make sure you have plenty of gas on hand.

7)  Check your sump pump.  We often get water into crawlspaces & basements during the winter, so make sure your sump pump is working correctly.

8)  Mulch your gardens.  Straw or leaves are a good choice to help insulate your gardens.  On winters where we get a hard freeze before we get much snow, the extra insulation can mean the difference between having plants next spring or having to replant the garden.

9)  Get your chimney cleaned.  If you are going to use your fireplace or wood stove this winter, you’ll want to have the chimney cleaned.

10)  If you plan to sell your home this winter, take photos of the exterior so that buyers know what the yard looks like under all the snow.  Or you can call me, and I’ll come take photos for you and keep them on my computer until you are ready to list your home.

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