Win some prizes with those pumpkin decorating skills!

This month I am excited to announce my second annual pumpkin decorating contest! Last year was a blast, and we gave away some great prizes for some awesome pumpkins. I know I have some very talented clients out there, and I have proof! Once again, I want to see what you can do! Send me pictures of your carved, painted, or otherwise decorated pumpkins.


Winner: 2015 Adult


Winner: 2015 Child

You can e-mail me the picture or upload it to my Facebook business page:  Valesa Linnean, Your Guide to Alaska Real Estate.

Don’t like carving pumpkins? There are lots of other ways to decorate them!

Henna Pumpkin from

Henna Pumpkin from

We found several great ideas on Pinterest including using Henna to decorate your pumpkin and doing a Zentangle Pumpkin.I will post the pictures on my Facebook page for you to vote.  The finalists will be posted on Facebook and emailed to my clients (for those who aren’t on Facebook) for the final vote. Prizes will be announced soon!

2 entries per family.  There will be a separate kids category for children 8 and under if I get at least 4 entries.  All entries are due by October 23rd.  Facebook voting will start October 24th.


Zentangle Pumpkin from

Warm up those creative spirits. I look forward to seeing what you can do!





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