What Type of Home Do You Want?

When creating your home wish list, look at your lifestyle.  Do you love to garden?  If so you probably won’t want to buy a condominium.  If you love to cook, the kitchen may be the most important aspect of your new home.  If you travel extensively, a condo may be perfect so you don’t have to worry about yard maintenance.

Write down all the things you would love to have in your home.  Take into consideration your current and future needs.  How long do you plan to live in your new home?  If you plan to stay for many years, you may need to anticipate your needs as you raise a family.  If you are single or recently married, you may not be concerned about school district now, but you may be in a few years.  Will your parents be living with you as they grow older?  Will you start working at home and need extra space for a home office?

Next consider whether you want to earn “sweat equity” by fixing up an older home, or if you would prefer a home that has been remodeled  or is newer.  Think about what sort of neighborhood you want to live in.  Decide what area of town you want to live in, or if you would prefer to live out of town and commute.  Remember, in certain areas of town you will need to own a 4-wheel drive for access.  Do you want to live in a home that is connected to city sewer & water, or would you prefer well & septic?

To help you determine what you are looking for, I have prepared a Home Wish List Worksheet.  Filling this out will help you, as well as your real estate agent, know what you are looking for.

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